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A new lifestyle with a budget........

July 14th, 2008 at 09:27 pm

Okay, so this is how it all went down, on my original budget plan

My check $368.61 cash
$500.00 checking deposit

- 1% cashing fee = $4.00
$143.94 light bill
$120.00 credit card bill #1 collection debt
$120.00 credit cars bill # 2 collection debt
$56.00 cell phone
$100.00 student loan #1
$100.00 student loan #
$59.00 local bus pass
$20.00 washing
$140.00 groceries

Revised and circled

$120.00 credit cards #1
$120.00 credit card #2
$34.00 overdraft fee
$80.00 cell phone late fee included
$100.00 student loan #1
$100.00 student loan #2
$59.00 bus pass
$15.00 washing
$93.00 groceries

So now itís time to go to the grocery store and Iím down to my last 100 dollars. OMG I have to thank my big sister for all that she does for me. I really do! Because of her now I donít have to worry about getting all my groceries since she let me get all my meats from her meat market. Although I so feel a little guilty because I know she is barely making it on her own too. But like she tells my where god feeds one person he feeds more. I love her so much. But yeah, staying in a budget is new for me. I need to start understanding how, when and why. Although next month I will be receiving $300.00 dollars in spousal support which is going to help me. Thanks for all the help.

Life for Me

July 11th, 2008 at 03:11 pm

So here it is payday again and Iím stressing on where and how and who I should pay first. It is so stressing. So I write down how much I owe on my bills for this month and how much for groceries. And then 5 min later Iím spending my money on things that I donít really need. Yesterday I had to pay my phone I had 20.00 dollars on my bank account, so paid it, but my bill was for 80.00 dollars. I got charged and overdraft fee of 34.00 doalrs plus the 60.00 dollars that I was missing so I had 97.00 dollars taken from my direct deposit. So now I have to rearrange my bill payments and adjust my budget. The thing is I donít know how to stick to my BUDGET. PLEASE HELP!!!